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Our Story

Pregnancy is JOYFUL but can be overwhelming.....

Delivery is Magical but can be overwhelming.....

And then.....

There is a whole new human life that relies solely on YOU for survival! Those first 3 months of postpartum and beyond are referred to as the 4th Trimester. 

Who are we?

We are mother's that understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of motherhood. Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned pro, every experience is unique.

Let's start with the HOLY GRAIL of body changes! As much as this new pregnancy is exciting for moms and their families nothing quite prepares a mom for the gradual changes our bodies go through. The obvious belly bump that we so eagerly wait for and develops around 20 weeks, is the first visibile sign that there is a human growing inside of you. When our belly starts to grow we think "he/she is growing inside of me! I did that! I am woman hear me roar!" Somehow when the same growth is seen in our hips, thighs and breast we manage to lose this confidence! WHYYYYY???? 

What do we do? We try to fit into our old clothes until we become overwhelmingly uncomfortable. Finally we give up, and here comes the dreaded task of shopping for maternity clothes. Sometimes we get lucky and find a little cute shirt here, a nice stretch pair of pants there, but we learn we have to size up and adjust to our new view of our bodies.

4th Trimestre is a brand invested in creating and providing trendy, fashionable, functional and COMFORTABLE maternity clothes made with the ability to nurse. First we are starting with our beloved Kenzie Bra. Check her out!!!! Click on the shop button now and see how we are in the business of how we view maternity wear with our Kenzie Nursing Bra! Join us as we add a new perspective to the 4th Trimester.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to create, promote, protect and provide for each nursing mom, pumping mom or mom that just wants to be extra close to their new bundle of joy. We plan to continuously grow our product line with you mind. Please try our new Kenzie Bra and give us a review. We are here with you through EVERY step of the way. You got this mama!

Meet Our Founder

Hi! I am Evelyn, a mother of a 1 year old. When I first began shopping for maternity clothes, I was pretty excited. This process was an initiation into motherhood. However, I did not expect my boobs to grow so fast so soon! I let my original bras get tighter and tighter, no realizing that my 8lb baby was going to begin to expand my ribcage as well as EVERYTHING else.

Long story short, bra shopping was awful for me. The ONLY cute styles were wired bras or loose fitting barrettes. At the time, I was working long shifts as a nurse and I must mention I was pregnant through ALL of the summer months. Restrictive bras and non-supportive bras just was not conducive to my now DD breast size. I began to where sport bras ALL the time. Can anyone relate?

I finally broke down and began shopping on Amazon. I found what seemed to be the popular nursing or breastfeeding bra. They were functional but they sure were NOT stylish or chic. Why does maternity clothes mean loose, dolly lace and sagging? I'm a young mom! But hey, the bras were comfy. 

I breastfed my son until he was 17 months old. Which means I wore those saggy bras for 17 months and if I am being honest a lot longer. I had to find something else! I refuse to go through my next pregnancy and 4th Trimester with saggy boobs. I began looking for better designs, better structures for bras that could translate into an amazing nursing bra for women. This is where the Kenzie Bra came to life. 

The Kenzie Bra was created with EVERY mom in mind. She is what uplifts, protects and styles our breast so that we are comfortable sleeping, lounging around the house or out on our first date after baby! She is your everything, your new breast nursing friend.


Evelyn, 4th Trimestre Founder and CEO